Why Should You partner with Cobweb Catchers?

Cobweb Catchers is a premier company for commercial, residential, and retail cleaning services. If you partner with Cobweb Catchers you can have peace of mind that your needs will be taken care of. Listed below are some reasons why you should hire us today to exceed your expectations:

  • We offer the highest quality materials and cleaning services
  • We continually exceed our customers expectations
  • We have state of the art cleaning services
  • Cobweb Catchers employees are honest and dependable
  • We offer safe cleaning procedures and services
  • Cobweb Catchers has very competitive and reasonable rates
  • Our cleaners are monitored and supervised
  • Managers inspect and monitor cleaning sites every 2 weeks
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured
  • We donate 10% of all profits to ministry and missions


Cobweb Catchers Janitorial Services offers all aspects of cleaning that your business or home needs. Our cleaning services are priced fairly and are at competitive rates with other organizations. We have excellent customer service and are dedicated to our trade.  We look forward to working with you.